Welcome to the Yarmouth Historical Society
located in Yarmouth Maine

Open Tuesday-Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
For information on group tours, please call 846-6259.

Membership Matters

The Yarmouth History Center offers programs such as Royal River Mill Walk and Talk, Shipbuilding, and Main Street Now and Then plus community service opportunities in all the schools, including North Yarmouth Academy.

If education is important to you, please consider becoming a member and helping us continue to offer this community outreach.

Save the Date- Historic House Tour on September 20

The Yarmouth Historical Society will hold a house tour of Historic Harbor Homes on Saturday September 20. New this year is a Patrons and Friends reception on Friday evening to meet our sponsors and hosts.

Stonewall Gallery featured artists - The Artisans Collective

The works of the Artisans Collective is featured in the Stonewall Gallery and Hamill room for July and August. Please stop by and enjoy the show entitled Yarmouth Landmarks:Then and Now.

Our museum gallery is open to the public

The Yarmouth History Center has a permanent exhibit gallery that is located in the center. With sections on Settlement Patterns, Royal River and the Mills, Shipbuilding, and the Twentieth Century, this interactive gallery offers a fun and informative look into the history of Yarmouth and the surrounding region.

Parking is available at the Yarmouth History Center
and across the street at the Royal River Park.

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